Ultrasonic electronic insect killer Mosquito repeller Displacing rаts pest rеject аnthеlmintic instrument អ៊ុលត្រាសោប្រឆាំងនឹងមូស កណ្តុរ កន្លាត ស្រមោច


Product Guide: The ZS-633 electronic insect repeller is a new type of high-tech electronic. It uses a sweeping high-frequency ultrasonic circuit to generate 20 ~ 55 kHz swept ultrasonic waves. Scientific studies have shown that there are mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, ticks and other pests. Within the acoustic frequency range, Their endocrine system and physiological functions can lead to chaos, which can drive away and kill. Ultrasound is harmless to people and other animals, because sound waves over 20 kHz are not audible.Due to its safety, non-toxicity, tastelessness and effectiveness, it is widely used. This product is widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, computer rooms, gardens, hotel grain stores, etc. Product range: 80-120 square meters, the best effect is 50 square meters, and each room is installed. Power consumption: 5 W less Frequency range: 20 ~ 55 kHz

Product Detail: Rated power: 5 (W) Power Supply Voltage: AC90 ~ 220 (V) Power frequency: 50 ~ 60 (Hz) Dimensions: 90 * 56 * 50 (mm) Way of packing: plastic color card Material: ABS Material Weight: 0.081 (kg) Size of outer box: 42 * 42 * 43 cm Color: ivory

Installation method and use:

1. Install the power outlet on the wall 20-80 cm from the ground (the power left by the home decoration is almost the same) and keep it perpendicular to the ground (remember that the product cannot be placed on the ground). If there is no power source of this height, an external power strip is required. Keep the product at this height and keep it perpendicular to the ground.

2, there should be no obstructions within 1 m of the front (i.e., not on the back of objects such as refrigerators, cabinets, sofas, etc.).

3, the orientation of the product should be chosen in the room more open, but not long-term open doors and windows (ultrasonic waves are direct, so it will distribute outdoors, weakens the internal wave, reducing the efficiency of driving rats)

4, The product should try to avoid facing curtains, fabric sofas and other fabric objects (objects of the fabric are sensitive to ultrasonic wave

5, the product must first be installed in the most serious area of ​​rats, when a rodent in this area is excluded, the product will be installed in the center of the whole house (for example, in the living room) or the mouse is the most accessible place.6, the product should work 24 hours a day during use. In addition, doors and windows must be closed at night, and mice will hide during the day when the window opens during the day.


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